Some blog posts that cover a wide diversity of topics, grouped by similarity

One year of network blogging
Two years of network blogging
Three years of network blogging
Sporadic blog posts from now on?

One of the "joys" of blogging
An unusual typographical error
Unacknowledged re-use of intellectual property

Phylogenetic networks: Best student thesis
Book covers
Networks and journal covers
Another journal cover
Network publications
Blog posts and formal publications
Systematic Biology

Operads and the Tree of Life
Networks in the news
Wordle, TreeCloud and SplitsNetworkCloud
Amazon is trying to tell us something
Some odd network definitions and terms
Moonlighting at Scientopia
A modern Haeckel-like network
Phylogenetic networks at summer math conferences
Stick Science Contest
Journal of Phylogenetics & Evolutionary Biology?
Plotting evolutionary divergence and time
Words lead to confusion in phylogenetics
Synapomorphies as tree slices
World Heritage proposal in systematics
Phylogenetics with SpongeBob
Whither phylogenetics?
Within-species networks
Textbooks and phylogenetic networks
The bioRxiv — not just a preprint server for biology
Blogs about phylogenetics
NSF and reticulating phylogenies
Has phylogenetics reached its apogee?
April fools and phylogeneticists
The sex life of Charles Darwin
Do phylogenetic networks support Intelligent Design?
Word cloud of publications on phylogenetic networks
Phylognetic trivia
The evolution of statistical phylogenetics
Trees as art
Phylogenetic network of pairwise alignment methods
PhD thesis lengths
Irony and duality in phylogenetics

The garden genome project
Goofy genealogies
The phylogeny of plastic bag ties
A geek network
The evolution of humor
Religions and phylogenetic networks
Shakespeare, Rome and Paul Revere — the networks
Phylogeny of a dataset

Bioinformaticians look at bioinformatics
Bioinformaticians' nightmares
Bioinformatics and inter-disciplinary work
Results of some bioinformatics polls
Massive citations of bioinformatics in biology papers
Pattern and process: computation and biology

Network road sign
Network poster images
A network Tree of Life
Network art
An artistic language tree
The Tree of Architecture
Coal — trees and networks of knowledge
Phylogenies everywhere
Network of who marries whom, by profession

False analogies between anthropology and biology
More on analogies between biological and linguistic evolution
Productive and unproductive analogies between biology and linguistics
Phylogenetics versus historical linguistics 

The Music Genome Project is no such thing
The Genome Cellar is no such thing
What is "science phylogeny"?
When is a tree structure a phylogeny?
Haeckel and the March of Progress
The evolutionary March of Progress in popular culture
When infographics go wrong
Visual complexity and phylogenetic networks
Do Shakespeare's plays have a phylogeny?
Wigwag, and the Family Tree

Family trees, pedigrees and hybridization networks
Charles Darwin's family pedigree network
Toulouse-Lautrec: family trees and networks
Albert Einstein's consanguineous marriage
Tutankhamun and extreme consanguinity
Cleopatra, ambition and family networks
Evolutionary fitness and incest
Inbreeding creates the most complex networks
The importance of the Amish for reticulate genealogies
Thoroughbred horses and reticulate pedigrees
Consanguinity and incest can produce the same effects

Phylogenetic networks outside science
Another phylogenetic network outside science
Cornets: from a tree to a network
Trees and networks of written manuscripts
Using phylogenetic analyses for textual analysis
Network of magicians
Candy Crush network
Lager beer and phylogenetic networks
The bourbon family forest?
Beer family trees
An unusual genealogy
Are taxonomies networks?

A BLAST search doesn't do what you think it does
When experts stray out of their field
Do biologists over-interpret computer simulations?
Multiple sequence alignment
Multiple sequence alignment
Do we need more terms for homology?

Carnival of Evolution, Number 52 — the Network Edition
Carnival of Evolution, No. 67 — Wallace centenary edition
The network history of the Carnival of Evolution

Foretelling the weather

Always be wary of eBay

Workshop: The Future of Phylogenetic Networks
The Future of Phylogenetic Networks: Day 1
The Future of Phylogenetic Networks: Day 2
The Future of Phylogenetic Networks: Day 3
The Future of Phylogenetic Networks: Day 4
The Future of Phylogenetic Networks: Day 5
The Future of Phylogenetic Networks: Photos
The Future of Phylogenetic Networks: Presentations
The Future of Phylogenetic Networks: Videos
Trends in Genetics: The Future of Phylogenetic Networks

Workshop: Touching the Data
Touching the Data, report 1
Touching the Data, report 2
Touching the Data, photos

Phylogenetic Network Workshop, Singapore
Singapore, Day 1
Singapore, Day 2
Singapore, Day 3
Singapore, Day 4
Singapore, Day 5
Networks vs augmented trees
First millennium problem has been solved: tree containment is easy on stable networks

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