Monday, August 6, 2012

Moonlighting at Scientopia

For the past two weeks I have been moonlighting as the Guest Blogger over at the Scientopia blog.

Most of the blog posts have been about ambiguity in the way that phylogeneticists present phylogenies (visually and verbally), both to each other and to the general public. This seems to me to be an important topic. The penultimate post in that series lists most of the research papers covering this issue, for anyone who would like to read up on it.

The other four posts cover diverse topics that I have thought about lately, which may be of more general interest:

Why does a cow have four legs?

Mud sticks, especially if you are Gregor Mendel

Forecasting and predicting sports results

Ambiguity in phylogenies:

If biology is a science, then ...

What does a phylogeny communicate?

Linear versus branching evolution

Evolutionists are poor communicators

Contradictory messages in phylogenies

Ambiguity in phylogenies (with reference list)

The march of progress ...

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