Some published datasets that have been subjected to exploratory data analysis

Eurovision Song Contest 2006: a network analysis
Eurovision Song Contest 2012: a network analysis

Networks of the "Sight & Sound" film polls
A phylogenetic network of late-night US television shows
The films of Jacques Tati

Phylogenetic network of the FIFA World Cup
A network analysis of the Bundesliga
World ice hockey champions — a network

Network analysis of McDonald's fast-food
Is there good and bad fast-food?
Fast-food maps — a network analysis
Fast food and diet
Fast food studies
A network analysis of pizza styles
Spinach and the iron fallacy
The solution to the spinach fallacy?

The mysterious rankings in Forbes' Celebrity 100
Non-randomness in Forbes' Celebrity 100 ranking
Changes in Playboy's women through 60 years

Network analysis of Genesis 1:3
Language history and language weirdness
Automated natural language processing

Network analysis of scotch whiskies
Single-malt scotch whiskies — a network

A network analysis of Médoc wines
Network analysis of Bordeaux wine critics
Network analysis of Bordeaux wine critics II
A century of French wine vintages
Choosing wines based on their labels
Grape harvest dates as proxies for global warming 

Astrocladistics: a network analysis
The Tree of Trees is a network

Are phylogenetic trees useful for domesticated organisms?
Why do we still use trees for the Neandertal genealogy?
Phylogenetic position of turtles: a network view

Network of ancient Thai bronze Buddha images

Network analysis of Michelin starred restaurants
What is in Traditional Chinese Medicines — a network analysis

A network analysis of London's theatres in 1965
The acoustics of the Sydney Opera House
Network of business office-space costs

Network analysis of New York neighborhoods
Network analysis of Manhattan apartment buildings

Which cars are good, really?
A network analysis of airplane disasters

A network analysis of Simon and Garfunkel

A network of New Zealand's livestock regions
The Netherlands is more than just tulips and sea-dykes
Network map of the Ukraine

Is this the first network from conflicting datasets?

The rise and fall of "David"
The decline of marriages in the USA

Cancer rates and diagnosis
A network of blood types

The science of advantage gambling in casino blackjack

Walking can be more dangerous than cycling

Network of computer passwords
Recent patterns of credit card fraud

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