Sunday, October 14, 2012

Workshop: The Future of Phylogenetic Networks

I am currently sitting in a hotel room in Leiden (in the Netherlands), ready to take part tomorrow in the above workshop, which is sponsored by the Lorentz Center.

The workshop has been organized by Steven Kelk, Leo van Iersel, Leen Stoogie and myself, and the program and abstracts can be found here. It runs for the whole week, 15 Oct - 19 Oct 2012. We have gathered together a real wealth of talent in the field, both biologists and mathematicians, and so we are expecting a productive week for everyone involved. In particular, the weather is predicted to be changeable during the workshop, which is to be expected in northern Europe in October, and so we shall all have to stay indoors and actually discuss phylogenetic networks.

I am hoping to add some blog posts based on what happens at the workshop, as it proceeds. We have, unfortunately, had a couple of "no shows", but otherwise things are proceeding smoothly.

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