Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Future of Phylogenetic Networks: Photos

Evidence that we were in the Netherlands.

The Lorentz Center building. The Center offices are to the right and left of the yellow window.

The seminar room. Left to right: Axel Janke, David Morrison, Hans-Jürgen Bandelt, Steven Kelk, Mike Steel.

The dinner cruise around the canals.

Dan Gusfield (obscured at the left) telling the young people how it is. Left to right: Mareike Fischer (plus dog), Chris Whidden, Leo van Iersel, Steven Kelk, Simone Linz, and Céline Scornavacca (resting).

Left to right: James Oldman (chopped off), Juan-Diego Santillana-Ortiz (green jacket), Irma Lozada Chávez (at back), Jack Koolen, Axel Janke, David Morrison, Magnus Bordewich (back to camera), James McInerney, Mike Steel (obscured), and Charles Semple.

Three men and a goat, at Leiden market. Left to right: David Morrison, Scot Kelchner, and Jim Whitfield.

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