Friday, October 19, 2012

The Future of Phylogenetic Networks: Day 5

There were only two talks today. First, Leo van Iersel provided an excellent summary of the week's talks and discussions. He put all of the points into context that had been made throughout the week, and provided a clear context for future activities.

Finally, Daniel Huson provided the keynote talk for the week. He especially covered the need for algorithms to address real data (eg. nonbinary trees, multiple trees, partial trees), for the output to return all relevant solutions, and to provide tools for visualization and interactive analysis.

All in all, a very productive week was had by all. The speakers are especially to be thanked, for providing overviews of and introductions to the various topics; as well as those people who contributed the most to the discussion sessions. The communication between the biologists and the mathematicians was excellent (they are, after all, simply two parts of a continuum), with everyone learning something new as well as making new friendships. Hopefully, this workshop will be the start of a series of such meetings, which would then be a forum for building a substantial body of work on the topic of phylogenetic networks.

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