Friday, August 17, 2018

Distinguishability in Phylogenetic Networks, photos

Evidence that we were in the Netherlands.

Evidence that we did some work.

Left to right: Steven Kelk, David Morrison, Mike Steel, Philippe Gambette (obscured), Tiago Tresoldi, Claudia Solis-Lemus, Fabio Pardi, Simone Linz, Mark Jones.

Left to right: David Morrison, Cecile Ané, Philippe Gambette (obscured), Katharina Huber, Leen Stougie, Remie Janssen, Yukihiro Murakami, Mattis List, Gereon Kaiping and Charles Semple.

Left to right: David Morrison (obscured), Axel Janke, Steven Kelk, Charles Semple, Claudia Solis-Lemus, Mark Jones (obscured), Fabio Pardi, Leo van Iersel, Simone Linz and Vincent Moulton.

Céline Scornavacca lectures Cecile Ané.

Axel Janke and Leo van Iersel contemplate methods for infering hybridization.

Philippe Gambette and Guido Grimm.

Mozes Blom and Jim Whitfield.

Mike Steel and Luay Nakhleh.

Luay delivers his Final Message, to Mozes Blom, Cecile Ané, Katharina Huber and Charles Semple.

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