Monday, September 21, 2015

More literature on trees and networks

In a previous blog post I listed some of the Books about the history of trees and networks. While I mentioned a review paper by Pascal Tassy, I did not list his earlier book on the subject, which actually pre-dates all of the books listed.


• Tassy, Pascal (1991) L'Arbre à Remonter le Temps. Paris: Christian Bourgois Éditeur. First edition. (1998) Paris: Diderot Éditeur. Second edition.
In French; paperback. A conceptual history of phylogenetics up to the end of the 20th century. Covers the development of ideas for the general public, with a few illustrations. Networks are barely mentioned.

In this context, there are also other sources that illustrate at least part of the history of trees and networks (along with textbooks covering systematics). These include:

Archibald, J. David (2009) Edward Hitchcock's pre-Darwinian (1840) "Tree of Life". Journal of the History of Biology 42: 561-592.

Bigoni, Francesca and Barsanti, Giulio (2011) Evolutionary trees and the rise of modern primatology: the forgotten contribution of St. George Mivart. Journal of Anthropological Sciences 89: 93-107.

Coggon, Jennifer (2002) Quinarianism after Darwin’s Origin: the circular system of William Hincks. Journal of the History of Biology 35: 5-42.

Gaffney, Eugene S. (1984) Historical analysis of theories of chelonian relationship. Systematic Zoology 33: 283-301.

Gontier, Nathalie (2011) Depicting the Tree of Life: the philosophical and historical roots of evolutionary tree diagrams. Evolution: Education and Outreach 4: 515-538.

Lam, Herman J. (1936) Phylogenetic symbols, past and present (being an apology for genealogical trees). Acta Biotheoretica 2: 153-194.

Nelson, Gareth and Platnick, Norman (1981) Systematics and Biogeography: Cladistics and Vicariance. Columbia Uni. Press, New York.

O’Hara, Robert J. (1988) Diagrammatic classifications of birds, 1819-1901: views of the natural system in 19th-century British ornithology. In: H. Ouellet (ed.) Acta XIX Congressus Internationalis Ornithologici, pp. 2746-2759. National Museum of Natural Sciences, Ottawa.

O’Hara, Robert J. (1991) Representations of the natural system in the nineteenth century. Biology and Philosophy 6: 255-274.

O'Hara, Robert J. (1996) Trees of history in systematics and philology. Memorie della Società Italiana di Scienze Naturali e del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Milano 27: 81-88.

Ragan, Mark A. (2009) Trees and networks before and after Darwin. Biology Direct 4: 43.

Stevens, Peter F. (1984) Metaphors and typology in the development of botanical systematics 1690-1960, or the art of putting new wine in old bottles. Taxon 33: 169-211.

Tassy, Pascal (2011) Trees before and after Darwin. Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research 49: 89-101.

Willmann, Rainer (2003) From Haeckel to Hennig: the early development of phylogenetics in German-speaking Europe. Cladistics 19: 449–479.

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