Monday, December 9, 2013

Results of some bioinformatics polls

In 2008, Michael Barton conducted a Bioinformatics Career Survey. Since then, various groups have updated some of that information by conducting polls of their own. Below, I have included some of the more recent results, for your edification.

This first one comes from the Bioinformatics Organization, in response to the question: What is your undergraduate degree in? It is interesting to note that more bioinformaticians are biologists by training, rather than computational people.

The next one is actually an ongoing poll at BioCode's Notes, in response to the question: Which are the best programming languages for a bioinformatician? R is an interesting choice as the most useful language, given the more "traditional" use of Perl and Python.

That leads logically to another of the Bioinformatics Organization's questions: Which computer language are you most interested in learning (next) for bioinformatics R&D? I guess that if you already know R, then either Python or Perl is a useful thing to learn next.

Furthermore, the Bioinformatics Organization also asked: Which math / statistics language / application do you most frequently use? The choice of R here is more obvious, given that it is free, which most of the others are not. I wonder what the answer "none of the above" refers to.

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