Monday, October 19, 2015

An unusual typographical error

Writing scientific papers is hard enough, but, just to make it more challenging for us, publishers insist that we are also the ones to deal with error checking, such as spelling, grammar, etc. This means that we have all published papers with typographical errors. I could not resist mentioning this one, which is in the current issue of a journal. (I am not listing it, because I see no reason to single out the authors, when we all have this problem.)

The references list contains this publication:

If you look up the original paper, you will find that this unusually named "author" is allegedly: Points O.F. View (which is actually the title of the page, not the author).

I suspect that the real author of the paper is being slowly eliminated from recorded history. A few months ago I blogged about a successful attempt to replace me as the author of a set of blog posts (One of the "joys" of blogging). It's enough to make you stop trying to be an author.