Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Singapore, Day 3

It was hard going this morning for the biologists, as there were three main computational talks. First, Vince Moulton further developed some of his ideas about split networks, including median networks, quasi-median networks and neighbor-nets, and what sorts of trees they might contain. Then, Céline Scornavacca expanded on her ideas for calculating the "hybrid number". Finally, Jens Lagergren outlined his work on fitting gene trees to known species trees and networks; this has come a long way in recent years.

We had the afternoon off, although many people took the opportunity to pretend that they were still in their offices at home. Myself, I sat by the pool waiting for the temperature to cool (this was the hottest day so far this week), and then went to the Singapore Botanical Gardens, where I circumnavigated the Evolution Garden, the National Orchid Garden, and the Rainforest Walk. I then briefly perused Orchard Street (one of the most ridiculous shopping meccas you will ever see) and the Raffles Hotel (an even more ridiculous hang-over from British imperialism), before returning to the pool side. It's a tough life.

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