Monday, May 18, 2015

An unusual genealogy

"Genealogies" produced on the web are frequently no such thing, they are merely timelines. However, the following alleged Genealogy of Automobile Companies seems to really be one, and it has a number of odd characteristics. These characteristics are quite common among manufactured products.

It is described as "A flowing history of more than 100 automobile companies across the complete time span of the automobile industry." Actually, it focuses on companies in the USA, up to 2012. You can zoom in on the details by visiting the original image at HistoryShots InfoArt.

First, note that the genealogy has multiple roots. Second, lineages coalesce forwards through time rather than diverging, so that the lineages become clustered. Moreover, some lineages do not connect to any others. Finally, there is horizontal transfer, because parts of companies get sold to other companies.

There is also a similar Genealogy of US Airlines, and a Genealogy of International Airlines.

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