Some published datasets that have been subjected to exploratory data analysis

Eurovision Song Contest 2006: a network analysis
Eurovision Song Contest 2012: a network analysis
Networks of the "Sight & Sound" film polls

Phylogenetic network of the FIFA World Cup
A network analysis of the Bundesliga
World ice hockey champions — a network

Network analysis of McDonald's fast-food
Is there good and bad fast-food?
Fast-food maps — a network analysis
Fast food and diet

The mysterious rankings in Forbes' Celebrity 100
Non-randomness in Forbes' Celebrity 100 ranking

Network analysis of Genesis 1:3
Language history and language weirdness

Network analysis of scotch whiskies
Single-malt scotch whiskies — a network
A network analysis of Médoc wines
Network analysis of Bordeaux wine critics
Network analysis of Bordeaux wine critics II

Astrocladistics: a network analysis

Are phylogenetic trees useful for domesticated organisms?

Network of ancient Thai bronze Buddha images
Which cars are good, really?

Network analysis of Michelin starred restaurants
A network analysis of London's theatres in 1965
The acoustics of the Sydney Opera House

Network analysis of New York neighborhoods
Network analysis of Manhattan apartment buildings

A network analysis of airplane disasters

A network analysis of Simon and Garfunkel

A network of New Zealand's livestock regions
The Netherlands is more than just tulips and sea-dykes

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